CHEST Escape Room
A Starship Experience – Exercise your pulmonary knowledge, problem-solving skills, and imagination. Solve puzzles live with your team to avert certain doom! In a future world battered by a pandemic, economic travails, and 24/7 zoom meetings, you and 5 peers must race toward Jupiter. Buckle up, mask up and engage! Bring your thinking cap, as you and your team will have to exercise your knowledge and problem-solving skills on medical knowledge-based puzzles. Come jump into this hyperspace adventure of a lifetime! What could possibly go wrong?


CHEST Conquest
Play and compete LIVE with hundreds of friends and colleagues from around the world! Score points for your correct AND quick answers in this fast-paced pulmonary, critical care, and sleep knowledge game. Prizes increase with the number of players and include free CHEST meeting registrations. Hosted by Dr. William Kelly.


Words with Colleagues
You get a challenging clinical case and just a few of the letters in the diagnosis. First to submit the correct answer to wins fame and prizes!


The CHEST Player Hub, powered by The Training Arcade®, is the new gaming experience: an on-demand platform where you can create profiles, play more than 10 bite-sized games, compete with peers, and earn experience points to track progress! The CHEST Player Hub is directly connected to the virtual meeting platform and accessible on-the-go, making it easy for you to play and learn on your own time. Simply sign in with your CHEST ID and play on demand!

CHEST Virtual Escape Room Promotional Video