Global Consult Case Submission

After careful evaluation and a blind review by a member of the CHEST Congress 2021 Committee we have selected the best and most interesting cases to be presented during the CHEST Global Consult Session taking place on June 17, 2021.

The presenters will share a common and/or challenging clinical problem and discuss it in a small group setting with observers.

The session will be divided into the following six rooms which you can join based on your preference through the virtual platform:

  1. Room A: Challenging Airway Stent Cases
    Moderator: Ali Musani, MD, FCCP
    Presenters: Khalil Diab
  2. Room B: Unusual Pulmonary Cases
    Moderator: Sean A. McKay, MD, FCCP
    Presenters: Huiling Tan; Krunal Patel; Sarang Patil
  3. Room C: Post-COVID infections
    Moderator: Jack Buckley, MD, FCCP
    Presenters: Nathan Nesbitt; Ali Khalofa; Devapriya Dev
  4. Room D: PET positive thoracic lesions – is it cancer?
    Moderator: Francesco de Blasio, MD, FCCP
    Presenters: Yuchen Zhang; Lucas Hamrick; Muhammad Usman
  5. Room E: COVID prognostic markers
    Moderator: Michael J. Kavanaugh
    Presenters: Ismail Haji Mohammed; Shaheen Banu Shaikh; Jessica Castillo; Sandro Oliveira
  6. Room F: ECMO and Seraph filters
    Moderator: Robert J. Walter, MD, PhD, FCCP
    Presenters: Matthew Levitus; Arinjoy Dev; Sean Barnett

Please find more technical information on how to join your preferred topic: here.

Together, we will address common challenges and find shared solutions.

We are looking forward to having you as part of this session.