Discover Bologna

Piazza Maggiore

Magical piazzas are a must when you are in Italy. Piazza Maggiore is the main piazza in Bologna, and it is definitely worth a visit – whether you go during the day to admire the architecture or at night for the sunset, it is a must when in Bologna.


Take a stroll in the medieval market and try all the local delicacies. A great place to stock up on authentic Italian spices and of course, the all-time favorite; pasta.

San Luca

A beautiful basilica on top of the hill; great for the view and for a scenery walk. The hike includes the longest portico in the world. Porticos are a unique feature of Bologna and an architectural phenomenon worth noticing.

Local Cuisine

Bologna is particularly famous for its tortellini: a type of stuffed pasta, give it a try! Don’t forget about tagliatelle, mortadella, and other artisanal cheeses. In terms of the culinary scene, Bologna is definitely an incredible place to visit.


This is the first seat of the University of Bologna, which happens to be the oldest one in the Western World. Explore the Teatro Anatomico, where some of the first scientific dissections occurred, and make sure to take a peek in the library.