Honoring Dr. Mark J. Rosen

Mark J. Rosen, MD, Master FCCP Endowment

Dr. Mark J. Rosen’s contributions to medicine included more than 4 decades in pulmonary and critical care, service as CHEST President from 2006 to 2007, leadership in CHEST education and board review initiatives for more than a quarter-century, and a lifetime worth of education and mentorship around the world.

His passing on July 3, 2019, left an immeasurable void in many of our lives. In recognition of Dr. Rosen’s profound contributions to CHEST and to society at large, the CHEST Foundation has established an endowment with two major focuses reflecting what was loved most about Dr. Rosen by so many people:

The Rosen International Scholarship Fund

Dr. Rosen always believed the core strength of CHEST was education. He was a gifted lecturer in board review and launched innumerable international courses in many countries around the world.  Dr. Rosen also had a soft spot for pulmonary fellows and always managed to have fun with them. He always made himself very accessible because he believed in the power of mentorship.

Dr. Rosen’s passion for the pulmonology community in China is something that his good friend and mentee, Lisa Moores, MD, FCCP, recalled with particular fondness during an October interview with CHEST: “Mark was instrumental in developing our international outreach and was one of the key players in helping our Chinese colleagues establish pulmonary specialty training in their country. Bringing all the amazing faculty we have at CHEST to teach in the countries of members around the world is a huge contribution that I believe will directly impact patient care in those regions for many years.”

In honor of Dr. Rosen’s commitment to elevating students and clinicians overseas, the CHEST Foundation will endow the Rosen International Scholar by raising $100,000 to support deserving international clinicians.

CHEST Challenge Championship Winner: The Rosen Cup

“My favorite memory by far is Mark as the Emcee for CHEST Challenge!” Dr. Moores said in October. “He was always having a good time joking with the contestants and keeping the audience engaged. As a friend, we had a tradition of going out with several other close friends for Chinese food each year after the CHEST Challenge Championship. Those were always so much fun!” The CHEST Challenge and Dr. Rosen are forever intertwined in many of our best memories for that very reason.

In honor of Dr. Rosen’s contributions to the championship event, held at the CHEST annual meeting each year, the CHEST Challenge winner’s trophy has officially been renamed the Rosen Cup.

The Mark J. Rosen, MD, Master FCCP Endowment will help to advance Dr. Rosen’s legacy of education, mentorship, community building, and laughter in many other ways, yet to be announced. Visit chestfoundation.org/donate to make a contribution in support of this worthy endowment.